Real World Roundup: Rihanna goes Gaga for Snake Skin

So PETA's spokesperson issued a statement recently which called Lady Gaga and Rihanna “freaks” for wearing snake skin boots and fur despite PETA telling them that they weren't allowed to because 'they said so' and PETA is apparently the new sheriff of the fashion police. Anyway, it looks like the nicegirls over at PETA have decided to change their cause from anti-fur products to the promotion of bullying. Not nice, PETA, that was way harsh. Read article >>

This guy replied to a girl's facebook status asking for a boyfriend by slipping a cover letter under her door attached to his resume. Talk about an overachiever. He listed strengths as good navigational skills, the ability to 'really listen', and a strong enjoyment of blow jobs. We can't tell if this signifies that this bro is a nice guy or the biggest douchebag ever. The answer depends on whether or not he's making fun of this weird girl who actually posted something on Facebook, desperate for a boyfriend. If it's the latter, we say go for it. Sounds like a shady catch. Read article >>

An advertisement on the Harvard Crimson website is selling “AddTabz” which are set to cure your ADD when that annoying girl you usually buy from had a change of heart or has somehow run out of your favorite pill. It also has a “z” at the end of Tabz so you know its legit. If adderall that you can get without a prescription exists I guess I've been living under a rock. I wonder if they're as good as Adderall at making you #5 not eat. This is even cooler than the Xanax you buy at the pharmacia in Mexico but I also wonder what kind of crazy fucked up chemicals are in this shit. Only one way to find out! If it's good enough for Harvard, it's good enough for us. Read article >>

This article claims that scientologists interviewed acceptable girlfriends for Tom Cruise. Among them were his ex girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi and soon to be ex-wife, Katie Holmes. There's nothing more romantic than your own personal board fielding your potential new wife for hot and steamy intimate details such as her views on aliens and whether or not Tom's hair looks sexy pushed back. (Note: The correct answer is yes) We hope Tom's next wife is someone he can really connect with and shares his love of couch jumping and theater. I'm thinking Lance Bass. Anyone? Anyone? Read article >>


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