Real World Roundup: Pepsi Is Still the Soda of Delusional Fat People

That guy who invented your anti-virus software back when you used to have a Dell is wanted for murder in Belize. John McAffee is on the lam after becoming a suspect in the murder of his neighbor who was found in a pool of blood with a bullet in his head. This seems like something out of Revenge, except the bad guys are usually the ones who are planting the viruses not selling multi million dollar software to get that annoying link you accidentally clicked to stop fucking with your computer. Read article>>

Barbara Walters is pissed off that Lindsay didn't do the interview she had planned with her and instead went on Jay Leno. It's like when that bitch in college didn't  go to her own grandmother's birthday party and instead goes to the douchebag next door who you know is just going to try to fuck her. Barbara said she would've given her a wonderful interview and also a check for $20 dollars for Halloween. Boo Linds, you could've used that to tip your parole officer. Read article>>

Pepsi headquarters in Japan has recently come out with “Pepsi Special” which supposedly blocks fat and will give you the ability to eat burgers and pizzas without any harm. No word on when this ridiculous Xenadrine-like bullshit product will be on the market in the USA but we'd have to laugh at any girl who actually thought that drinking massive amounts of “Pepsi Special” would in any way make her lose weight. Especially when we would laugh at any girl who ever chose Pepsi over coke to lose weight. Pun intended, betches. Pun intended. Read article>>

Sorry girls, there's not going to be a Friends reunion. The producer of Friends says there's not going to be a reunion because “It was made to be an intimate show in your living room. It wasn't a broader show like many of the comedies today that are shot single-camera. It's wonderful the way it is.” We can't say we entirely disagree although the idea of a Friends reunion is more exciting then all the shit we watch on TV put together. But let's call a spade a spade and say why this reunion really won't happen. Jennifer Aniston is too fucking busy. Read article>>



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