Real World Roundup: Our Man Anderson’s a Cake Boy!

It's official: our man Anderson's a cake boy! We'll say we're not at all surprised due to 1) basic gaydar and 2) we heard our high school teacher was fucking him. We kid you not. Either way it's a great day for the gays and we commend Andy on getting the courage to admit what was obvious to everyone else, only a mere 5 years after Lance Bass. Read article>>

By now we're all well aware of the TomKat divorce that no one could've ever predicted was coming. So TMZ is reporting that the two are divorcing because Katie is creeped as fuck by the church of Scientology didn't agree to be a scientologist in her contract. It looks like Joey Potter has finally found her voice and is not afraid to use it. Watch this video of Tom Cruise sounding like a psychopath. Highlights are at 1:05, 2:45, 3:40, 4:07, 4:22. 

Apparently some porn artistes are looking to cast Ted (of the movie Ted) in their erotic masterpieces. This article exposes a group of fetishists known as 'plushies' who get off to can guess. It's like pedophilia for the FAO Schwarz shopper. All we have to say is thank you to Ted for facilitating the exposure of this specific brand of creepy bro that we should avoid and refer to the bedroom of Shoshanna from Girls. See article>>

Lauryn Hill could go to jail for 3 years for tax fraud. What makes this story interesting is the fact that when the judge asked if she did it on purpose, her answer was a resounding fuck yes. Seems she has been studying at the Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen school of fuck off I'm famous. Hill obvi supports tax cuts for the rich and reportedly gave the IRS the hand while protesting, don't go chasing MY waterfalls bitches. See article>>


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