Real World Roundup: Obama Can’t Help It That He’s So Popular

Apparently in the banking world, if you're besties with Obama then you can't sit with us. So some bankers are pissed off with a UBS executive named Robert Wolf for hanging out with Obama and taking pics with him to send to his outer circle. While politics are sooo boring and we rarely comment on them, we took this snippet from the article to highlight the betchiness of the political elite. “This stuff is right out of the movie ‘Mean Girls’ but it involves grown men,” said one bro who was quoted in the article. Who knew that Barry was the Janis Ian of Washington D.C.? And on Wednesdays, we wear Brooks Brothers suits with tasteful ties. Read article>>

In a clear attempt to get in the running for Betch of the Week, Fidel Castro has proclaimed his love for #61 yoga and he doesn't care who knows it! “Yoga does things with the human body that defy the imagination,” wrote Fidel in a reflection letter for a Cuban newspaper. He later added “It really clears my mind before I go out so I can take shots and order homeraids with the peace of mind of my yogi.” We have a few questions for Fidel such as, Bikram or regular? Tree pose or warrior? While we'd be happy to salute the sun with Fidel, we have to wonder when he decided to take a break from thinking about himself to murder thousands of innocent people? Today yoga, tomorrow iced coffee and froyo. All a day in the life of an aspiring socialite fascist dictator. Read article>>

Kris Humphries apparently told his former girlfriend (who he was fucking while married to Kim) that Kris Jenner put Kim up to a sex tape with Ray J. He even went so far as to say that Kris made Kim redo it because she didn't look hot enough the first time. First of all, as much as Kris is all about the Benjamins, we find it hard to believe she contrived the whole sex tape thing. While it is the reason her whole family is famous, we chalk this up to dumb luck rather than slutty manipulation if only because there are easier ways for talentless people with rich parents to become famous. Just ask Rebecca Black or Courtney Stodden. Kris may be a puppeteer of the Kardashian/Jenner family, but Jesus Christ, this would put her on par with the Eastern European pimps in Taken. Read article>>


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