Real World Roundup: Mau5 is gonna find you.

In some depressing and sort of confusing news, Brad Pitt's mother Jane is apparently a big homophobe. She wrote a letter to Missouri's most esteemed media outlet, the Springfield News-Leader supporting Mitt Romney because she's enraged by Obama's support of “killing unborn babies and same-sex marriage.” Seriously, has this bitch met Shiloh!? Read article>>


This week in modern masturbation techniques, this 49-year-old bro was caught jerking it while driving his car, with a toy gun that was hidden up his ass and tied around his dick. We're not even sure what this would look like, that's how advanced this ejaculation science is. Of course the incident occurred in the most mentally stable state in the union, Florida, fucking duh. Read article>>

Deadmau5 is pissed at the assholes who robbed his momma's house. According to TMZ Deadmau5 took to Facebook and raged “wow. a couple of dumbasses in Niagara Falls broke into my mom's house…man, you assholes picked the wrong house … mau5 is gunna find you.” I mean…this is THE bro who wrote famous war anthem Raise Your Weapon. Be afraid robbers, be very afraid. Read article>>


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