Real World Roundup: Lil Wayne Wants to Spend a Night in Paris Hilton

Today's Real World Roundup is flooded with two of our favorite things: Paris Hilton and the Middle East.

Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton are releasing a new single together in which Wayne raps that he wants to spend a night with Paris having a foursome with her, himself, him, and I…or something like that. If Weezy wants to fuck her, we'd say Paris has risen even higher in our esteem even after having the extreme honor being a former Betch of the Week. We know Paris has had a failed singing career before but if she's in a music video with Lil Wayne this might be the comeback she's looking for. Just someone tell her to leave her fucking diamond DJing headphones at home. Read article >>

Speaking of Paris Hilton, people In Mecca are getting mad upset that Paris is selling her handbags in the Mecca Mall (who knew that existed?) I didn't even see a mall in Sex & The City 2: Escape to Abu Dhabi. So anyway even though the mall only sells classy conservative shit like KFC they don’t want the former sex tape queen to sell her handbags to the ladies post hajj. I've gotta say I'd be much more likely to check out Saudi Arabia if there was some better shopping.  If you're gonna have to work out by taking a long walk around a religious site, you should at least be allowed to visit a Burberry outlet or some shit after. Read article >>

Speaking of the Middle East, Anderson Cooper is losing his shit over a woman disagreeing with him on twitter. He told some woman to check her facts after she argued with him about the missiles coming into vs out of Gaza. To that, Anderson told her to “spend more time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news“. To that we have to tell Anderson Cooper to chill with this betch brawl and take a Xanax. The conflict in the Middle East is obviously getting to you if you're responding to random tweeters who disagree with you. Like any enraged Gay BFF, Andy prob wishes he had some good shopping to take his mind off his crisis but it's clear there isn't any due to the revolt against Paris Hilton's handbags. Anderson didn't leave Rodeo drive for this shit. Also, no offense Andy but I wouldn't talk shit about someone who loves coconut flan when your usual interviews involve people like Teresa Guidice and Honey Boo Boo. Read article >>

TMZ has just gotten cooler. After Michael Lohan asserted that the whole family knew about his teenage love child, including Lindsay he also states that he and Dina were on a break so he wasn't cheating on her. Who knew that Mke Lohan and Ross Geller had this much in common? TMZ noticed this too and posted this amazing “we were on a break” clip which we've only been watching on repeat for the past like, 5 years. Anyway, we're sure his family isn't surprised that he has kids and hoes in different area codes. We sure as fuck arent. Read article >>


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