Real World Roundup: Liam Neeson Won’t Let Them Take His Daughter Again

In what is clearly a huge news day, the cops were called after Lindsay Lohan got into a fight with her mom this morning after leaving the Dream Hotel at 4 am while clubbing together. Now we have to ask, who the fuck would want to go to clubbing with their mom? I mean, I know she goes hard but Dina's like 50. Like, stay the fuck home and start knitting sweaters or go to a temple mixer like my mom. Chill with the pretending you're 23 years old. You could be a grandma, and probably would be if you were from middle America. In any case, as if that wasn't bad enough, Dina and Linds were en route to Long Island when their fight got physical and Lindsay suffered some scratches on her legs. Will she walk again? It remains to be seen. Read article>>

Sarah Palin is writing a fitness book. Never one to be usptaged by fatty-hating Michelle Obama, Sarah claims she's writing a book about her family's healthy eating habits and homemade foods. Then again, take this with a grain of salt as she can also see Russia from her house. By 'fitness book' she may actually mean 'fitness tweet'. Read article>>

Beta Theta Pi of Wesleyan University is being sued by a former student who was raped there, after claiming the school failed to protect students from a frat house known as a “rape factory.” The girl's rapist has since been sentenced to 15 months in prison. Wesleyan is not usually a school associated with a high level of rape so we found this rather surprising. Still, any frat that prides itself on having to force girls to have sex with them is totally gross and obviously filled with disgusting douche bags who can't get laid on their own. Power to the betches. Down with Beta. Read article>>

FOX is already in discussions to make Taken 3. At this point, even Liam Neeson is like “shut the fuck up I'm over this shit.” Well, we paraphrase. What he actually said was “I don't think it's going to happen, I can't see a possible scenario, that audiences wouldn't go 'Oh, come on. She's taken again?'” Plus five for insight, Liam. We were already thinking the same thing before Taken 2. Even though he's the hottest old man action hero we know, we're not sure if we need another movie where Liam drones on and on, blowing his money on international cell phone plans talking about his very specific set of skills. On another note, has anyone even seen Taken 2? Read article>>



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