Real World Roundup: Lena Dunham Gets Her Midnight Snack

An MSU professor had a mental breakdown after discovering Betches Love This reviewed University of Michigan instead of Michigan State. Just kidding…but really. The MSU calc professor stripped down to just his socks while screaming profane words and some shit about God not existing. Talk about a bad day at the office. Too bad he didn't start screaming “we're going streaking!” before proceeding to run naked through the quad and gymnasium. Or hey, maybe he was just showing everyone he's DTF. Read article>>

Drew Barrymore recently gave birth to a daughter named Olive over the weekend with her husband, Will Kopelman. We know Olive will have sick style as her grandfather is the former CEO of Chanel, Arie Kopelman. Even if her mom still dresses like it's 1972, you can bet this kid will have better genes than if she had birthed him to her former husband, Tom Green. Serious upgrade. Read article>>

A 16 year old girl from New Jersey got about 94,000 twitter followers overnight by tweeting that “there is someone in my hous ecall 911” before entering a cab and voluntarily running away, say the cops. I guess this girl is a social media savant because it took us like 6 months to rack up the same amount of followers. Even misspelling, house in an attempt to make the tweet sound rushed, this girl needs a tutorial in police investigation or at least to watch a couple of episodes of Law & Order. It took probably like 15 minutes to discover she took a cab to a train station. Next time if you want more followers just write that you're giving away free blow jobs. The cops will hate you way less. Read article>>

Lena Dunham is shopping a book called “Not That Kind of Girl” and will choose among top bidders to sell her modern version of “Sex and the SIngle Girl,” a book I have never ever heard of. I'm sure this book won't totally suck but then again I really don't want to envision Lena having sex nor do I predict her stories will be as funny as Chelsea Handler's. I guess she can give tips on how to get a guy to jerk off in front of you and then go home and raid her Brooklyn fridge. Read article>>


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