Real World Roundup: Lady Gaga Just Dances After Vomming in Barcelona

Lady Gaga proves that even after ripping off Madonna's shows, she still can't be original. Apparently on stage in Barcelona she threw up three times while continuing to dance on the disgusting stage. Is someone poisoning everyone on the Billboard 100 or are all major pop stars in a secret pact to throw up in every city? Lay off the cheese fries and vodka, Gaga. It's a bad romance. Read article>>

This hilarious article in Gawker has a published email from a prospective bride to her bridesmaids. Among the list of things you cannot do if you want the privilege of being in this psycho's wedding party are included but not limited to 1. CC'ing more people than necessary. 2. Being poor 3. Not being available 24/7 in order to answer the brides life altering questions such as “what do think of a frosting that is slightly off white but not entirely white but like still white enough to be bridey?” If you can't do any of these things then you can't sit with the wedding party. These rules are real. Especially after that time you wore a vest. Read article>>

Vinny from Jersey Shore got seriously angry after he made a speech at a Community College about his anxiety and someone asked him how many STD's he got on the first night of Jersey Shore. Sadly unable to take a joke, Vinny called the guy out for escaping his own problems by tearing people down. Chill with the life lessons Vin, you get paid to get pink eye and blackout on national television. Welcome to Community College. Read article>>

The best news of the day is that one of our favorite movies “Bad Teacher” might be made into a TV show. Although the show will probably fucking suck and butcher everything we loved about the original betch, Elizabeth aka Cameron Diaz from the movie, I'm into anything that's bad teacher related. Hopefully it's on a good network that doesn't censor teachers smoking pot or fucking administrators for state tests. Read article>>


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