Real World Roundup: Kanye Whipped Gives Kim a Different Kind of Line

Michael Lohan proves that against all odds, his life can indeed get trashier. He has now knocked up Kate Major, who recently accused him of shoving an eyeliner down her throat. From the look of this picture, it seems this was Mike's way of telling Kate to wear less makeup. She could use the advice. But yay for Lindzlo, who will have an additional younger brother or sister. Since Ali looks like she's forty, we assumed she would provide the next addition to the Lohan clan but it seems that's not so. Read article>>

Kanye West has a cell phone just for Kim Kardashian. Kanye doesn't have a cell for anyone else except Kim and got it specifically for her. Is our favorite douchebag about to become whipped by Kimmy K? We hope so. First stop, personal cell phones, before we know it he'll be holding her purse while she's in the bathroom and carrying her shit around the airport. Grow a pair Kanye and be the asshole we all know you are and tell Kim to back the fuck off. Read article>>

Teen Vogue tells teen girls to go fuck themselves, they will still be photoshopping their pictures despite a few girls' annoying attempts to stop 'unrealistic body image expectations. I'm sure Anna Wintour gives a shit about a few fat girls trying to change the world. Join the PETA crowd if you have shit with Anna but she does not appreciate your infringement on thinness and perfect skin. It's like, if you can't live up to the unrealistic expectations that Vogue sets for teen girls, just get your dad to get you a personal trainer, you know? Read article>>

Scott Disick goes to England and buys a lordship because he “does not need to be walking around like some peasant when he should be walking around like royalty.” In this ridiculous video, he proclaims his desire to be a “sir, lord, count, whatever.” Sure he has no idea what the difference between them is but who the fuck cares, Scott wants to have a reason to walk around with a cane like an asshole. Chill, Scott, you're a Hamptons townie. No lordship will make us forget that.


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