Real World Roundup: Justin Bieber Channels his Inner Ross Geller and Makes Out with a Monkey

So April Fool's was yesterday, and it seemed like just about everybody was in the fucking spirit, especially Lindzlo who tweeted that she was preggers. No one knows if this was her prank or was actually true but we're guessing it's probably a joke because there's a slim chance her body can carry a baby due to all the alcohol-induced ulcers lining her inner layers. Read article here>> 

Justin Beiber has a fucking monkey and Germany wants nothing to do with it. He didn't have the proper papers in order to take his jungle buddy into the country (what does that even mean?), and therefore the little guy is now quarantined. What is this Justin? Just because you don't have a girlfriend doesn't mean you must go all Ross Geller and start fucking the Marcels of this world. Read article here >>

Amy Poehler is out looking fro pros again! After her recent split with husband Will Arnett, she was seen on a date with comedian Nick Kroll. We're assuming he was like “do you date me?” and she was all like “yeah.” Read article here>>

Shain from Buckwilid is dead. We're like, really sad. I was totally looking forward to not understanding anything he was saying next season. Read article here>>

Kourteny Kardashian has offered to be the surrogate for Khloe's baby if she needs one, and Khloe's response was “You would push my baby out of your vagina?! … Ewww.” We love surrogates though, very Giuliana Rancic of her and great way to stay skinny for the summer. Just can't picture what Khloe and Lamar's baby would look growing inside of little Kourt at 9 months. Imagine it would look something like THIS. Read article here>>


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