Real World Roundup: Hi I’m Elle Woods and This is My Baby and We’re Both Gemini Vegetarians

Some women entering JFK from Guyana were caught smuggling about a kilo of cocaine under their weaves. Talk about a multi-functional hairdo, these women only got in trouble because they were extremely nervous upon entering the country. We’ll have to remember this shit when entering the bathroom stall at clubs. A bathroom attendant rarely inspects your extensions. Read article >>

Jaden Smith knows what it means to be cool and it involves being “super rich.” Far from his dad’s West Philadelphia days Jaden is slowly learning how to make everyone hate him by bragging about shit like having a lot of money and being a Sixers season ticket holder. Jaden could use a wakeup call because he thinks sippin on soda is cool when really it should be iced coffee.  Listen to his song here. It leaves much to be desired but he and Paris Hilton should be a single called “our dads are richer than you and your extended family combined so here’s our shitty songs. Enjoy.” Read article >>

Congrats to Reese Witherspoon who had her third kid today and second son, Tennessee James Toth with her new husband Jim. Somewhere out there Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Phillipe are crying hysterically. We wonder if this one will be a Reese clone like the other two. Read article >>

Amanda Bynes is scared shitless of running into Lindsay Lohan. Now that Mandy is on the East Coast, she’s going to lengths like calling ahead at restaurants and not staying at the Dream Hotel in order to avoid Lindsay. It seems like a shame to us as this would probably be a bigger showdown then Linds v Hillary Duff. Where’s Aaron Carter when you need him? We assume Lindsay would actually be really annoying to be in a fight with as stoned Amanda would prob not wanna have to deal with Lindsay’s coked out anxiety/paranoia. Read article >>


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