Real World Roundup: Heyyyy Means Let’s Fuck

Looks like Linzlo scored herself a plea deal in her latest drunk driving court case, and is getting sent to rehab instead of jail. If you’re going to drink I’d rather you do it in the house. Read article>>

Because the Harlem Shake wasn’t a weird and confusing enough musical trend, now we have goat remixes. As entertaining as it is to watch Taylor Swift get upstaged by a four-legged animal, I just can’t understand this sober. These are literally music videos with random fucking clips of a goat. Props to whoever came up with what is clearly the creation of someone who is high out of their mind and determined to #36 not do work while becoming an internet sensation. Read article>>

Another photo has leaked of Miley taking a hit off a joint. Nice job not giving a fuck what people think Miley, but you may have taken it too far this time. The only thought this pic left me with was: Is that Ellen Degeneres or a fucking sixteen year old boy? Solid skinny arm though, Miles. Read article>>

The new designer collab is kids clothes. Karen Walker is designing a kids’ line for Uniqlo that will apparently just be tinier versions of her most famous runway looks. Finally, clothes that will fit all the ano betches out there. Kids small is so the new 0. Sorry, we only carry kids xs, you can try Sears. Read article>>

Apparently, our need to add fourteen gs to the end of omgggggggg is a female linguistic trend called world elongation. According to this article, we betches are linguistic trendsetters, teaching the masses how to say heyyyyy instead of hey and use #21 abbrevs correctly. Fucking duh. That’s just like, the rules of feminism. Read article>>


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