Real World Roundup: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s Shitty Salary

Bradley Cooper says that once he turned 29, he stopped doing drugs. Looks like we have a while then before we have to get our shit together if Brad waited until he was nearly 30. Question though, does Bradley count all the Adderall he took for Limitless as a drug? Where can we score some NZT? Read article >>

Ben and Jerrys is suing a porn company called Ben & Cherry's for making a porn line using the names of Ben & Jerry's flavors. We think their distaste for this new video line stems from the covered up clearly homoerotic relationship that started between Ben and Jerry back at the company's founding, when both bros found comfort in each other's arms after horrible breakups. Thou doth protest too much. Read article >>

Apparently the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family makes only like $4,000 an episode to appear on the show. While that's probably equivalent to like a million dollars an ep in bumblefuck, Georgia, it's still way below what other reality stars make. This is weird considering Honey Boo Boo had higher ratings than the Republican National Convention, just going to show that people care way more about chubby six year old redneck pageant queens than politics. Makes sense to us! Read article >>

Camille Grammar is going to get half of Kelsey Grammar's 60 million dollar estate in their divorce settlement. For those of you who are bad at math, that's 30 million dollars to spend on cool shit like botox and earplugs for when Taylor Armstrong starts crying next season. Maybe now that she has all this money, Lisa Vanderpump will finally allow her to sit with them. And on Wednesdays, they wear Maloof hoofs. Read article >>


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