Real World Roundup: Harry Gets Spied

There's a video of Prince Harry in Vegas being shopped around, yay! We seriously wonder what that's going to cost someone (our bet's on TMZ for 100 billion dollars but that's just slightly more than instagram was worth and we have no concept of value). Either way, someone's security guard is clearly getting fired. But it's not like anyone can fire Harry, right? How mad do you think his dad is? What do you think Harry is doing like right this second? Drinking to oblivion? Going brunette? Googling himself? Read article>>

A doctor in Massachussetts refused to treat a woman because she was over 200 pounds. Dr. Helen Carter, who says she has the right to turn away patients for whatever reason, said that since her policy was implemented she's actually seen people very motivated to lose weight. You go Dr. Carter! (and none for the fat people.) Seriously 200 pounds is like sumo-weight, but either way we're pretty sure that's considered skinny in Mississippi. Maybe Doc Carter should just refer her fatty patients to the south where they can all eat deep fried butter and be too poor to afford cardiac surgery together. Read article>>

A 13-year-old boy in South Carolina got caught smoking weed and his mom made him walk around wearing the sign pictured above. Maybe it's because she read this article. His mom, who is clearly a regular one and not a cool one, told the news, “Time outs and taking things away just doesn't work any more. Sometimes a little public humility is what they need nowadays to get a point across.” She clearly got this idea from the viral youtube dad who shot his son's laptop with a rifle. American parents, so forgiving! Read article>>

Welcome to Africa, where food is scarce, and people are thin, and #8 not fucking bros is a form of social protest. A bunch of women's coalitions in Togo (ever heard of it?) hate President Gnasssingbe (ever heard of it?) and want to motivate the men to not re-elect him. Great idea, but we'll assume their lack of computers on which to google rape statistics made them forget that 'no means no' is not an effective slogan in Africa. Read article>>


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