Real World Roundup: Farewell Foie Gras and @alecbaldwin

Alec Baldwin kills his twitter…world doesn't care that much. Newlywed Alec has stopped tweeting which is a sad day for people everywhere because he won't be able to deliver his delightful pick-me-ups like “I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes” such as that one about producer Harvey Levin. Oh Alec, don't you know that talking shit via social media is so middle school? Glad he got the memo. Read article>>


A new and so-called “worrisome” study shows that 1 in 3 teenagers sexts. Shocker. Though we definitely don't condone sending naked pics of yourself, this is clearly more out of a fear of consequences than a moral caveat. Better question, why is anyone surprised by this study? If the cases of Bristol Palin or Jamie Lynn Spears taught us anything it's that abstinence is a veneer and a fucking fairytale and kids can't be stopped from trying to fuck. We think the only reason adults are becoming aware now is because formerly if a boy wanted to act sexual via phone, leaving a message with your crushes' mom, 'hey jamie, want 2 trade crotch shots?' probably wasn't the best way to maintain a sterling reputation in neighborhood circles. Read article>>

Nicegirls, get out your checkbooks. You can now buy an entire school to call your very own and you don't even need to leave your study nook, it's on eBay! The school, called The Learning Center for kids who can't read good and want to learn to do other stuff good too, is pictured above looking extremely boughie and the bidding starts at a mere $600,000. I find it fucking hilar that you can get an entire school in Pennsylvania for the price of my 1 lifelong education. Read article>>

California has instituted a ban on foie gras. Quel fucking dommage. Remember the game Duck Hunt? Apparently many hungry Californians have been taking this nintendo relic literally, going around demanding foie gras on everything from french fries to sushi, some of them even going on foie gras food crawls. PETA wants to get the big FG out of our diet because making it requires force-feeding animals until they practically explode. it's okay when McDonalds does it to obese people living in food deserts but not cool for Bobby Flay to serve some fucking pate in his gourmet eateries. Got it. Read article>>


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