Real World Roundup: Everybody Must Get Stoned

This week’s real world roundup should otherwise be called “celebrities who think they’re badass because they smoke pot.” Our first article highlights Lady Gaga smoking pot on stage during her Amsterdam Concert. Granted, that’s legal there (except not for tourists coming very, very soon). Anyway, a fan threw a joint and a lighter on stage and Gaga took a few hits. She has said of pot: “I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I've really cut down on drinking…It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music.” Still, smoking some rando Dutch fans’ pot is pretty impressive considering god knows what they could’ve laced that shit with. Regardless, we appreciate your openness to thrills even though I still think you’re annoying as fuck. Read article>>

In other pot news, Snoop Dogg’s son tweeted several pictures of him lighting his dad’s bong while he smoked. Now it’s not exactly surprising that Snoop smokes pot, it would probably be more surprising if he gave it up but the act of him smoking with his son is relatively controversial. Now in our opinion his son is actually a great example for kids everywhere. I bet half of Hollywood’s kids would never give their parents the respect of lighting the bong for them. I guess it beats doing the dishes. Snoop converted to Rastafarianism in July after a trip to Jamaica, claiming he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley and adopting the new moniker Snoop Lion. Yeah, because I forgot Bob Marley’s latest single in Pootie Tang. Read article>>

In what is by far the worst consequence of Amanda Bynes’ psychotic actions so far, the Nick star decided to one up Lindsay Lohan by getting kicked out of her Equinox spin class. Apparently the instructor was furious after Amanda was wandering around trying to find a new bike halfway through the class, removing her shirt to reveal a strapless bra, and applying makeup out of her Louis Vuitton bag. The instructor apparently screamed at her “what the fuck do you think this is? Soul Cycle!? Get the fuck out and next time come back with more #179 expensive workout clothes!” Read article>>

Paris Hilton made an oopsie and said some random shit about gay guys having AIDS and being horny which a cab driver recorded and sold. Like do NYC cab drivers have no respect for beautiful idiots? Paris was probably drunk and the statement was taken out of context. Regardless of it being a stupid comment, we’ve made dumber. We have no doubt Paris loves the gays. Who else do you think could do her hair or style her shoes? Talk about a fashion week faux pas. She can’t help it if she says stupid shit, she was born this way! Read article>>



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