Real World Roundup: Emma Watson is She Who Must Not Be Googled

Emma Watson is apparently the most “dangerous” celebrity to search on the internet, as her google results have been targeted by hackers to give you computer viruses. The details of how or why this is happening are so far beyond our Monday brain capability so we'll just say, Harry Potter fans beware, Emma Watson is the avada kedavra of google. Read article>>

Speaking of hate crimes against the Brits, America can breathe a little easier because the Taliban seems like it's decided to chill out on killing the US infidels, as now they are targeting Prince Harry. He just got to Afghanistan for his military tour, and inside sources say the Talz wasn't happy about the Vegas pics because the female depicted was not wearing a burka. Apparently the Tali has downsized their ambitions since Osama died. Read article>>

Kanye West is in love with Kim's sex tape and he doesn't care who knows it. He basically admitted to watching it on repeat while systematically stalking Kim through her last 2 relationships/weddings, and voila, now they are dating! Talk about a relationship working against the odds. We can now say with 100 percent certainty that Kim owes her entire life to that sex tape, as it's responsible for giving her a career, boyfriend, and closet makeover by the one and only straight Kanye. Read article>>

Attention RHOBH fans and gun fanatics, good news, Paul Nassif's got a gun! He says it's to protect his sons who are heirs to billions of dollars, so naturally they must be a target for someone, right? Well there's that, and he's also paranoid about all the death threats he gets from Sacramento Kings fans because he might move their precious team to Virginia. Don't these fans get that Paul will make more money off the team if it's in Virginia? Make money, not guns. Honestly it would've been more believable if he had said his gun is to protect him from Adrienne, who we think is at least 10 times more likely to kill him than any sports fan. Have you SEEN them argue over who's going to ask the maid to walk the dog? Read article>>


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