Real World Roundup: Chris Brown Lies, RiRi Cries

James Franco is sort of making a movie about Lindsay Lohan. Sort of. He put out a casting call for Lindz Lo types and James Franco types. If he is trying to make a bio doc about her life, we're not really sure what the fuck the movie would entail. A series of rehab stints with an alcohol bracelet and a lesbian lover may sound like Milk and 127 Hours combined, but we think the storyline sounds a bit more lame. Lohan has said of Franco, “We're like best friends. We're hanging out later.” If hanging out is code for smoking a blunt together while convincing Lindz to give him a BJ, we're sure they were indeed hanging out. Read article >>

Barry and Michelle show what the Huffington post is calling “major PDA” on the campaign trail in Iowa. I have to say that if a little light hugging and closed mouth pecks are 'major PDA' I would love to see what they call the guy's tongue down my throat at W.I.P while my shirt magically morphs into what looks like a bra after 6 too many shots. Now THAT would be a reason to get into watching politics. None of this over the boob, checked dress bullshit. Read article>>

In this week's rendition of Rihanna and the relationship scandal that just won't die, Rihanna went on Oprah and started crying because Chris Brown “needs help.” She said, “Nobody's going to say he needs help. Everybody's going to say he's a monster without looking at the source … and I was more concerned about him.” Oh come on Riri, get your shit together. It's time to move on. This WGA has LITERALLY beaten the shit out of you and that was like 3 years ago. Get over it. Why are you still crying about it on Oprah. Dump the loser and move on to your hot back burner bro, Drake. Read article>>

Lady Gaga proves she has some betch in her by telling her fans she doesn't give a shit about what they say, she loves fur and doesn't care who knows it! Gaga said that PETA is “childish” and that they should save the flour they use to dump on Kim Kardashian's head for the starving children of third world nations. If that statement wasn't #24 insensitive and funny enough, Gaga goes on to call Kim 'fabulous' and says she will continue to wear fur and meat suits for as long as she remains a huge fucking freak. So like, forever we assume.

She also says, “This should already put me in a category as one who appreciates and adores the beauty of animals in fashion, but am not a strict vegan. I have truly always stayed away from skinned fur, especially I have never been able to afford a nice one, but this does not mean my morals are rigid and that I won't bend at the sight of an absolute art piece of a coat.” Translation: if you hate fur it's probably because you're poor and can't afford it. Naturally, the fans (including Ke$ha, who has too much time on her hands) went ape shit on her after this. ( Ke$ha's response) Our issue is not with her wearing fur but that she's wearing a fucking pink fur coat in what is probably July. The crimes against fashion > crimes against animals. Congrats on mastering the art of being a sometimes vegetarian, Gaga. Read article>>


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