Real World Roundup: Breaking News, The Hills Was Fake

Here are some pictures of Chris Brown smoking pot on instagram. He and his entourage commented that “it's medical.” If by medical you mean it's going to chill you out so you don't go bat shit crazy on new girlfriend Rihanna then medical it is! Word on the street is that Chris was looking for some real estate in the Anne Frank Haus once he heard it was a safe house for some oppressed women once upon a time. Ah #3 abroad. Miss it. Read article>>

In an extremely surprising confession to Bravo Andy, Kristin Cavallari revealed that The Hills was fake, that they told them what to say and do, and that they forced her to make out with Justin Bobby. All not surprising coming from our former Betch of the Week. She says she actually didn't like LC but that she's pretty and occasionally fun to party with. Kristin, who looks fucking amazing post baby said that the producers instigated her fight with LC. Whatever, real or fake, still entertaining as shit. And I guess it just prepared Kristin for her amazing post-Hills acting career. Read article>>

The Pope might be the betchiest person on the internet right now. Yesterday he created his own twitter account and within hours had over 250,000 followers. He follows no one meaning he's like, super popular. He was quoted as saying “I don't follow people, I just get followed, bitchez.” @Pontifex makes us wonder if @JesusChrist or @Moses or @JoanofArc would've had a twitter if they were alive today. I bet I can envision a tweet by Jesus Christ going something like this “@MaryMagdalene Uz a hoe fo' sho #sonofgod #YOLOUnlessYoureResurrected Read article>>

Dick Cheney is following in the footsteps of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has gotten a book deal! Unlike Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne, and Brandi though, Dick's book will talk about all his heart problems with heart disease. Sounds like a thriller! Sorry D, but we'd much rather read about Adrienne's charitable line of shitty shoes than your coronary embolism. Politics is so last season. Read article>>


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