Real World Roundup: Beyonce Lip Syncs and the World Continues Spinning

The mayor of Las Vegas wants Prince Harry to come back now that he's back from Afghanistan. Harry's visit earned the city about 23 million dollars in free PR and surprise surprise, 'everyone was talking about it' when he was there. On a different note how much fun would it be to be the Mayor of Las Vegas. It seems like something that would equate to being the Mayor of Blackout City. Read article>>

Ireland is getting up there as one of the betchiest countries in the world. They're now making it easier to get fucked up by bringing in some lax drinking laws for some old Irish pros who are lonely and want to drink their feelings then go for a little joy ride. I guess Ireland is just one permanent Spring Break spot but where people like actually live. Whatevs, give us a good old Colin Farrell any day and we won't even care that he's too drunk to see straight let alone drive around Dublin. Read article>>

Lindsay Lohan doesn't want to do reality TV so she turned down a $550,000 Dancing with the Stars offer despite the fact that she owes a shit load of tax money to the IRS. So Lindsay can be a high class escort for rich bros but doing reality TV is just too trashy for her? Nevermind that actually kind of makes sense. Read article>>

In today's sad, sad news apparently Beyonce lip synced the star spangled banner at the inauguration yesterday much to the dismay of people everywhere and Kelly Clarkson. But really B, how could you not think people would catch on to that. They noticed during Saturday Night Live and there's only like 15 people who go to those things right? Meanwhile, somewhere very far away and irrelevant, Ashlee Simpson is grinning. Read article>>


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