Real World Roundup: Another Reason Why Anne Hathaway Sucks

Another reason why Anne Hathaway sucks. Apparently at any mention of Catwoman or that Batman franchise she just bursts into tears. At a press conference when someone asked about the opportunity to play Catwoman alone in her own spinoff movie she literally started shedding actual fucking tears. This is reason enough for the entire world to ban her from acting. Jesus Anne, there's no crying in show business! Read article>>

Brian Litrell takes a break from doing absolutely nothing with his life since the Backstreet Boys latest tour a billion years ago to tell TMZ that he doesn't pray for Lindsay Lohan at night, despite being very religious. I guess that explains why Lindsay's still a fuck up as I hear Brian Littrell's prayers are all powerful and are single handedly responsible for the lack of an N'sync reunion. Read article>>

This article in People states that Queen Elizabetch II will not be visiting Kate Middleton in the hospital with her acute morning sickness. The reasons are one the folliowing. 1) She doesn’t give a shit. WTF is acute morning sickness anyway? 2) She's mad jeally (If there was going to be any rationing of royal hospital visits, Elizabeth deserves all of them as she's old as fuck) and 3) No one even bothered to tell her about Kate because she was too busy giving Prince Charles a bath.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have designed a bag that truly makes life easier. The pill bag (which is a black bag covered in pills) makes getting to that quickie Xanax much easier. Hate sifting through your bag to find your hoards of prescription pills? Samesies. That's why for only $55,000 you too can look like bar-faced pill junkie. Read article>>

Chi Omega Nu Gamma at Penn State is getting shit for holding a Mexican themed party in which some girls held up signs saying “Will Mow Lawn for Weed + Beer” and the other “I Don't Cut Grass, I Smoke It.” In case you weren't aware that Penn State was #24 insensitive after earlier events this year, this should take the cake. Shame on Penn State for picking a themed party idea that's not only offensive but like, actually not even that slutty. Where's the tradeoff, betches? Read article>>


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