Real World Roundup: Rihanna and Chris Brown Find Love in a Hopeless Bathroom

Because you're a mean girl Cady, you're a bitch, Britney Spears is not allowed to read websites from mean people like you that say mean shit about her. Here's a list of mean shit she's not allowed to read about herself under her dad's strict conservatorship: She's not allowed to read sites where you say they found crystal meth in her house. She's not allowed to read sites where you say she's fatter or trashier than she used to be. She's not allowed to read sites that allege Jessica Simpson is prettier than her. And she presumably is not allowed to read sites talking shit about universal healthcare or the 1%. Stars, they're just like us. Read article >>

A truly awesome woman was photographed by a fellow traveler trying not to waste her Smirnoff Vodka bottle befoere boarding a plane by taking swigs of Vodka and then offering some to other passengers at 7:30 a.m. in Washington. This woman clearly knows how to party and we extend an open invite to our office but we'd like her to remember to bring chasers. That's fucking disgusting. TSA might not have been amused but we sure as fuck are. Read article >>

Nicki Minaj goes ape shit on Mariah Carey in this video from TMZ. I guess the two divas really hate each other and while we can't hear what the fuck she's saying, betch looks angry. Reportedly, Nicki tells Mariah that she's going to 'knock her out'. While Nicki is thirteen years younger than Mariah and from Queens, we're still not sure she would definitely win in a physical showdown between the two. Mariah may be old as fuck but she'll always be our scrappy, ghetto baby. Read article >>

Rihanna and Chris brown reportedly fucked in the bathroom of Griffin last night after hugging and kissing publicly for all the world to see. We're sure Chris Brown's current girlfriend will love this story and Tina Turner is out there somewhere shaking her head. While it does sound hot, we're never ones to condone anyone beating the shit out of Rihanna, even if he can write deep melodic songs such as “Don't Wake Me Up” and “Yo.” But hey, we're the ones who claimed betches love going to the bathroom in groups, right? Read article >>


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