Real World Roundup: Lauren Conrad (Probably) Can’t Read

Ebay is banning the sale of curses, spells, and other magical shit on their site. In response, Amazon has issued a statement, “Fuck eBay. Sell your useless exorcist shit here.” Angie's List could not be reached for comment. Read article >>

In Lauren Conrad's most embarrassing video since her sex tape with Jason Wahler, LC destroys some books to make a fancy box and instructs others to do so on her interior design website. She has since removed the video from her website but that hasn't stopped her new arch nemesis Lemony Snicket from talking shit about her to Slate. He said “It has always been my belief that people who spend too much time with my work end up as lost souls, drained of reason, who lead lives of raving emptiness and occasional lunatic violence. What a relief it is to see this documented.” Ooooo burn no he did-annnnt. I'm so upset that LC is off the Hills because this voiceover would've been fucking amazing. “I was beginning to think that I didn't know who I could trust. With Kristen hooking up with Brody and Lemony talking shit to the press, I didn't know how to deal with all the drama.” Read article >>

Here is the first clip of Octomom's single “Sexy Party.” Not only is it so terrible it's actually sad, but the name is actually nauseating. It's like, you have fourteen kids. No one wants to have a sexy party with you besides like, Martha Stewart. Stick to trying to stay famous by doing something more kid friendly, like a home yarn business or some shit. Read article >>

Mattel has announced they will be creating their first Drag Queen barbie set to be released in December for about $125 a barbie. After looking at the pictures, I have to say that this barbie looks EXACTLY like the regular barbie except for the fact that it's wearing shorter, trashier clothes. Unless the barbie comes with a made to scale foot long penis I really don't see where you're getting your money's worth. Give this to your least favorite niece to traumatize her for Christmas. Yay! Read article >>

Good news for sad losers all around the country. Now you can voice your opinion on a scandal that in no way has anything to do with you. “Kristen is a Trampire”, “Robert Pattinson Deserves Better”, and “Kristen Stewart Fucking Sucks” shirts are now available via online retailers. So buy one for the dud in your group of friends since she clearly has nothing else to say/wear anyway and remember that in the 9 days it will take your KStew shirt to get to you, no one will give a shit about this scandal anyway. Read article >>


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