Real World Roundup: …In other news, the Palins are still bigots

Madonna, in the way of tasteful behavior we've come to know and love, decided to wave around fake guns at her show in Scotland less than 48 hours after the Dark Knight shooting. Seriously? WAY TOO FUCKING SOON. Guns are extremely unbetchy. Like yeah we get it, the swastika you flashed earlier in the tour didn't create enough of a buzz because personally we didn't even know you were on tour/still performing at all. Really Madge, if you're looking to take a fake controversial stance on something at least make it trendy like I don't know, Brits for Bath Salts. Read article>>

The biggest news story of today that isn't about James Holmes or a statue of a dead football coach is about Minka Kelly and the revelation that she has a sex tape being shopped around from when she was a minor. According to TMZ the video is about a half hour and is shot in a “semi-professional manner.” Two songs from Brandy's second album, “Never Say Never,” are playing in the background. I mean…a girl's gotta stay relevant after Derek Jeter breaks up with her even if it means joining the lucky sperm club both literally and figuratively. Read article>>

Upon the arrival of all the Olympians in London this weekend, the gay casual-sex-finding app Grindr crashed due to overload of homos trying to get some British dick. It's good to know the athletes, all of whom are about to experience th peak of their lives, are preparing intensely for competition and keeping their eyes on the prize. Read article>>

Watch this video of Tripp Palin calling Bristol a faggot on the Palin's reality show Life's a Tripp. First of all, real clever title, good one Lifetime. The word faggot is bleeped but we know it happened and is surrounded by Tripp saying “I hate you I hate you.” What an eloquent kid. It's so reassuring to see the tolerant and non-homophobic family spreading the hate in Alaska.

This resort is the way of the future. It's a floating resort that's powered by solar. I mean, it sounds exactly like a cruise to us, but we'll take it. It's in the Phillippines and will forever allow the nouveau riche to feel like they're vacationing on a private island. Read article>>


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