Some Idiots In Kentucky Tried to Make a Real Life Purge Happen (It’s Not Going To Happen)

Since apparently Ferguson was hogging the spotlight too much this week, some asshats (read: dumb teenagers) decided to try to make a real-life purge happen in Louisville, Kentucky. The  only problem? Unlike the film, murder and other crimes are still very much illegal, and no one was down.

This poster was being circulated around Louisville.

Quick, somebody get this kid a graphic design job because somebody certainly knows their way around MS Paint.

The Purge was supposed to take place Saturday night and obv nothing happened aside from heightened police presence. I think the cops were the only people who actually took this bad hoax seriously, and that's only because they literally had to. Although some other teenagers in other cities like Jacksonville and the Bay Area are trying to make the purge happen (it's not going to happen). Proving once again that the amount of stupidity teenagers can exhibit truly knows no bounds. The children, our future.

Apparently it was all just a “prank” by some bored high schooler since I guess putting a cow on the 2nd story isn't a good enough prank these days. The cops even knocked on the kid's door and he told them he was “just joking around,” which is exactly what someone whose evil plan failed miserably would say. He also won't be charged with any criminal wrongdoing…that's chill, it's not like this kid tried to incite mass murder, or anything. OH WAIT.

TG no one took him up on it or they'd be feeling pretty dumb right now.




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