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Ranking The 'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard' Reunion Looks

Season 2 of the seasonal spinoff Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has brought hijinks, drama, and the prerequisite amount of tearful blackout breakdowns. Thus it’s no surprise the MV crew has earned their very first group sit-down with none other than Andy Cohen to get to the bottom of all the tea they spilled into the Nantucket Sound last summer. While it may be a smaller special in The Clubhouse, as opposed to a three-episode landmark event like that of the Vanderpump crew, this group showed up and showed out with super-sized looks that are pretty in pink enough to almost make you forget they’re about to tear each other a new one. Even the guys adhered to the pink memo (some with more success than others). Naturally, we’re ranking the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard reunion looks to separate who’s giving Legally Blond from who’s giving legally blind (I jest!).

Ranking The ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Reunion Looks

The Guys

#4: Alex Tyree

Alex 'SHMV'
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Alex is wearing a white AMIRI suit styled a little more casual with pink and white Nike dunks. Or as he puts it, “Teddy Pendergrass meets Summer House.” The thing that made Teddy’s fitted-flair suits work was the perfect tailoring, though, and Alex’s blazer is just a few hairs too tight compared to the extra wide pant leg.

#3: Amir Lancaster

Amir 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

Amir looks chic and comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable for a Bravo reunion but the real problem here is the clash of whites between his cream top and Trident white Acne sneakers. Still, we appreciate a sleeveless slay.

#2: Nick Arrington

Nick 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

While this shade of bubble gum pink is my least favorite, Nick’s suit is perfectly fitted from head to toe. He looks expensive but not too try-hard. Well done, Ken.

#1: Preston Mitchum

Preston 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

Drown me in this pink satin and then stomp on my corpse with these YSL boots (sorry, was that excessive?). The beanie pulls it all together perfectly as the signature Preston final touch.

The Girls

#6: Jordan Emanuel

Jordan 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

Listen, I can kind of see the vision but the execution left a lot to be desired. I mean, everything from the neck up is perfection but the vinyl top looks like a Project Runway designer didn’t have enough time to finish and the fuzzy skirt looks like she wrapped one of the beach throws around her at the last second.

#5: Noelle Hughley

Noelle 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

There’s nothing wrong with this purple-pink Herve Leger bandage dress except for the fact that it’s not 2010 anymore. If you want to make a throwback look work, you’ve got to put a little razzle-dazzle on it to bring it into 2024.

#4: Jasmine Ellis Cooper

Jasmine 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

This is cute! And the platinum blonde is a super slay. But it does feel like maybe something is missing to bring some life back into the fit.

#3: Shanice Henderson

Shanice 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

Another extremely cute, Glinda-coded, dress and definitely a different vibe than we’ve seen from Shanice before.

#2: Bria Fleming

Bria 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

I expected nothing less than a 10/10 slam dunk from Bria and she definitely delivered the “timeless sophistication” she was aiming for. I am surprised the dress is from Jovani though?! The Bravo brand that keeps on giving.

#1: Summer Thomas

Summer Thomas 'SHMV'
Image Credit: Bravo

Summer may have had the messiest season but this look is too clean. I could genuinely picture Margot Robbie wearing this sparkly sheath dress on the red carpet in Cannes. I respect the hustle, because if you’re gonna be the center of attention in the hot seat, you might as well look drop-dead gorgeous while doing it.

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