Rachel Lindsay Said What We’re All Thinking About Arie Being The Bachelor

Somehow, some way it’s already almost time for The Bachelor to start again. Does it not feel like just yesterday that ABC announced that they were gonna go with a random grandpa fuckboy instead of a gorgeous man god? I know it’s been months now but the pain is still so real. After the announcement, we heard from pretty much everyone saying how they felt about it. Reality Steve, Arie’s ex girlfriends, Flat Tummy Tea models former contestants of the show… You name it. The only person we hadn’t heard anything from was Rachel Lindsay, which is weird because a) she was the most recent lead and b) she’s hands down the betchiest of all Bachelorettes (come at me, Jojo and Trista fans) so she’s the only person we actually GAF about hearing from. Well luckily, she finally gave her opinion on the whole thing and instead of some stupid af ABC-written pile of bullshit about how great it is, she said she thought what all of us were thinking too: “Who?” Lol. I love her.

She said she didn’t know who he was because she never watched the show before, but like, I did and I still don’t know who tf Arie Lfghwdfkm Jr is. So don’t worry, Rach. It wouldn’t have helped. She went on to say that it seemed like Arie was in a better place now and ready to find love, blah blah blah. Sounds like he was (allegedly) finding plenty of love at nearby colleges with girls so young they could have been his daughters, but that’s none of my business.

That's None Of My Business

Tbh, I didn’t really care what Rachel thought of Arie because she was like, 12 when he was actually on the show. I care about whether or not she was relieved the guy she should have picked, Peter Kraus, wasn’t going to be on show making out with a bunch of girls and saying that for them, marriage was a possibility. That’s what I want. Give me the dirt. Naturally, because Rachel is the model of beauty and grace, she said she didn’t care either way and Peter deserved to find love.

Ugh. Rachel. Why you lying? You and I know that’s not true. No one wants their ex to find love after them. You want them to die in a pit of misery and loneliness, wondering what could have been if they hadn’t ruined everything with you. Fucking duh. I mean, I guess we can appreciate Rachel trying to take the high road and look like she doesn’t care about him anymore. But we know the truth.

What Is The Truth