Rachel Lindsay Used To Date A Famous Basketball Player You've Actually Heard Of

Unless you’ve been living under a pop culture-less rock for the past three weeks, you’ve been watching The Bachelorette and you know by now that Rachel Lindsay is hands-down the betchiest Bachelorette of all time. Sorry, Jojo and Kaitlyn. You’ve officially been voted off the betchy Bachelorette island. Rachel tells fuckboys to GTFO, she’s hot af, and she actually managed to pull some cool celebs to make appearances instead of the usual forced Jimmy Kimmel date. A little confused why she’s keeping the tickle monster around, but like, we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt/blaming the producers for that shit. And like all true betches, Rach (can I call you Rach?) has cool, successful exes from her past and not just like the prom king, but basketball star Kevin Durant. 

If you’re like me, you’re probs sitting there thinking who tf is that? Isn’t he that short loud comedian in those Ride Along movies? And the answer is no. That’s Kevin Hart. After some Googling, I found that Kevin Durant is a really really ridiculously good basketball player. Like, about to beat Lebron (who I’ve heard of, thank you very much) in the NBA finals good. He and Rach dated in college until she dumped him for law school. So like, she’s Warner and he’s Elle Woods in this scenario. YASSS queen.

If this teaches you anything, it’s this: don’t let no man stand in your way of becoming a lawyer only to toss it away for a life of reality TV stardom and hair vitamin gummy Instagram ads. Apparently, they were pretty serious too, until ya know, they weren’t. Sucks. But now, when your bf forces you to watch basketball, you can at least tie it back to reality TV and make it semi-interesting. You’re welcome in advance.