The Pros And Cons Of Being A Twin Betch

Every betch is a unique and precious snowflake, unless that is, you’re an identical twin.  You may not be known for your individuality, but being a twin betch is something special. If you don’t believe us, just ask Mary Kate and Ashley, who have built an empire on the fact that they are twins.


You might not be noticed for your individuality, but you’ll definitely be noticed.  When twin betches walk into a room, all eyes are on them. So maybe you won’t be singled out as “the most beautiful girl in the room” but with your duplicate faces, you’ll stand out anywhere. You can get anyone’s attention with your look, and the rest is up to your personality.

Your closet is always double in size. One of the most common questions twins get is “do you share clothes?” Not always, but yes. You maintain your own closet because feeling like a separate human being is important to you. But when you don’t want to wear anything in your closet, you conveniently turn to your twin’s. Half the clothes are gifts from you, so you know there are always some viable options.

You can try out dramatic hair changes on your twin.  If you’re thinking about cutting your hair short or doing something crazy with it, but not sure it will look good, having a twin is the golden key to seeing a look before you take out the scissors.  Sure, this also works the other way around, but chances are you both are trying different styles and have twice as much to reference when it comes to deciding what you’re going to do next.  While everyone has photoshop to test out if going blonde would be good for them, you have a real life mirror to try it out on.

You’re never alone. Some people are afraid of dying alone, but not you. You know that you’ll have your sister until the very end. It’s like being born with a bestie, a wingman, and a maid of honor all at once.

You have this weird bond with other twins. Being a twin is like an additional identity nobody else has. Single births don’t celebrate being single births, but for some reason, twins have a lot of twin pride. When you meet another twin you immediately ask them “who’s older” and relate to the one that matches you.


You are tired of always being paired together in people’s minds. As much fun as it is to always have a companion, sometimes you just want to be known as yourself and not a twin. You might look the same, but you have your own thoughts and feelings and you want to be treated as such.

Her behavior reflects back on you and vice versa.  If one of you gets blackout and embarrasses yourself, you embarrass both of you.  Look, you look the same, so if a questionable photo gets taken, you’re both going to suffer the consequences.

People ask you dumb questions like “Would you ever have a threesome with your twin?”  Um, just stop.  For some reason bros think that what they watch in porn can magically produce itself in their real lives, and twins fall into this category.  That, along with “Do you ever share a boyfriend” or “Do you fight over boys”, which are just the same question asked in a different way, are some of the most annoying questions you can get as a twin. If someone asks you this, just reply with “Would you ever have a threesome with your mom?”

In conclusion, being a twin betch has more pros than cons, as long as you're both #32 winning in your lives.  Twinning, if you will.  Everything is double, so her good image is your good image. If you're a fraternal twin and you have at twin brother, an additional pro is probably that you are constantly surrounded by bros without having to try too hard to be “one of the guys”.


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