Hot Product of the Week: Moroccan Oil

We are literally in the middle of summer right now, and that means we have all (hopefully) had several if not dozens of beach days. Sitting at the beach is just the dream isn’t it? Getting tan, reading a magazine and sipping on a drink with some form of pineapple included, that’s all us betches need.

But as we all know, the beach can have some negative consequences as well—regrettable hookups with lifeguards, sunburns and hours of Cape traffic to name a few. However, one thing that we often don’t realize until it’s too late is the damage the sun can do to our hair. For years, I have been a true believer in the healing powers of Moroccan Oil, just the classic, “Moroccan Oil Treatment.” After I wash my hair, I gently massage a little nickel sized drop of that shit in and magically my hair doesn’t know that I spent the last 10 days on Nantucket.


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