Product of the Week: Louboutin Nail Polish

Per #189, betches love nail polish. It’s a known fact. We also happen to love expensive shit in general. Thus, Louboutin and nail polish is a match made in heaven. (And thank god the basics haven’t ruined it yet.) Oh and did I mention the bottle is literally a gigantic spike?

What I am saying is, if you want to continue living as a self-respecting betch, go out and throw down a 50 to pick up some Loubie polish. I mean, it has been out for almost a year already—so fucking get on it.

There are some great colors, but if you are a Loub polish virgin, please make the smart choice and invest in the classic red. (The second one you are going to buy is obvs the “true black”.)

That’s the product of the week for ya, Loub Nail Polish.


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