Product of the Week: Cannabis K-Cups

Have you ever woken up hungover and been unable to decide if you wanted to make the trek to the nearest Starbucks or just smoke and then roll back into bed? Well thanks to the fine state of Washington, you no longer have to. Cannabis infused K-cups exist now, which is convenient because odds are if you’re trying to get high on your morning coffee you don’t fuck around with actual coffee pots, either.

For just $10 a pod you can drink what I can only imagine tastes like a cup of ass that completely negates the actual point of coffee. Jennifer Lanzador, sales manager Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle, likens the effect to that of a vodka Red Bull, which is literally the last thing I want to drink when I’m trying to drag my ass out of bed in the morning.

Someone please test these out and let us know how it goes. Just don’t do it before work, because you would be legally considered under the influence. Or do, and then have the best day at work ever.


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