Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Reportedly Got A Marriage License

2018 was the year of many things, but probably my favorite trend was rushed celebrity engagements. We saw Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, and Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas get engaged, all after dating for a few months at most. One couple made it down the aisle (or, more accurately, to the courthouse), one did not. Now, it looks like Nick and Priyanka are falling into the former camp, as reports have surfaced that they obtained a marriage license. Wow, okay. So I guess they’re really committing to this publicity stunt.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Nick and Priyanka got their marriage license last week, adding that these two entertainers who have been dating for less time than it takes me to unpack from a weekend trip are “ready to be husband and wife.” And I’ve just got to ask you guys: Y’all know that marriage is intended to be for the rest of your lives, right? Like, when you make these life-long commitments to someone you’ve known for less than a fiscal quarter, you’re not just having a wedding and getting a cool hashtag? You’re committing yourself to take care of this person when they are sick, and kiss them before they’ve brushed their teeth in the morning, and comfort them when their loved ones die, right? RIGHT?? Ok cool, just checking!

The source also told ET that Nick and Priyanka plan to be married in India by the end of the year. The source ALSO mentioned that Priyanka is in India celebrating Diwali right now, and that the wedding “could happen very soon.” My bet? These two are going to have a secret wedding. Mark my words, I’m calling it! They want to be married by the end of the year, well guess what? The year is almost up. Yes, I’ve been stalking Nick Jonas’ IG stories and it doesn’t appear he is in India right now, but he could hop on a private jet and be there like, tomorrow. Or at the very least, this will happen before you know it. Especially considering Nick just tweeted some vaguely sponsored post about his groomsmen.

To quote Michael Scott: IT’S HAPPENING! Everybody stay calm. Stay f*cking calm.


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