Prince Harry Mouth Raped By Superfan

Our favorite ugly hot ginger, Prince Harry, is currently in Australia doing whatever the fuck the Royal Family does. Sure the royal baby is big news, but so is Prince Harry wearing his military uniform and kissing babies. As the President of the Lucky Sperm Club and the world's most eligible bachelor, pretty much every woman in the world is trying to marry Harry. But this bat shit crazy betch in Australia took their secret love affair (so secret he didn't even know about it) to the next level.

This woman, Victoria, has proposed to Prince Harry three times, which seems a little desperate. This week she proposed and asked Harry for a kiss. Naturally, he said he'd “think about it” aka no chance in hell but my security guards are kind of far away right now.” He went in for a cheek kiss and she went in for a french kiss – classic mix up. So the Queen of Delusional Crazy Women finally got to kiss Prince Harry. I don't know but I doubt he'll marry her now. The whole thing is a tutorial of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds.

Just saying, if that had happened to Kate Middleton the entire world would have lost their shit by now.


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