Prince George Wears Crocs, So Now I Wear Crocs

On Sunday, Prince Geo and Kate watched William play polo at the annual Beaufort Polo Club match.Throwback to 2008 when Kate and Chelsy Davy watched the same polo match and waited for their proposals.

Anyway, Kate wore her now classic outfit repeater look: skinny jeans, khaki boat shoes, and a stripped long sleeve shirt. At this point, she's given the Royal Family the heir and the spare so she can do whatever the fuck she wants. More importantly, George wore his shorts, button down, and a cardigan with Crocs like he's some underpaid intern at a community hospital in Florida, instead of the future King of England.

If Crocs are popular again, then Livestrong Bracelets and Kanye West's Stronger music video sun glasses are just around the corner.


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