Prince Geo Already Has This Royalty Thing Down

Prince George wore his dad's hand-me-downs to his grandmother's birthday party, which would be social suicide for a 2 year old except his grandmother is the Queen of England, the party was at Buckingham Palace, and he wore a family heirloom. This weekend was the annual Trooping the Color ceremony, which celebrates the Queen's birthday. Casual Saturday for the Cambridges. Besides the fact that George is already better at waving to his peasants than Kate Middleton and he was born with more hair than Prince William, he wears a lace romper better than a girl at Coachella.

Kate Middleton wore a frisbee inspired fascinator 6 weeks after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, and she looks beach body ready. What, like it's hard? Prince William looked appropriately British the entire time, which is really all we can ask at this point. And none for Prince Charles bye.


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