The Preview For The New TV Show Sex Box Is Trying Too Hard

Sex Box is not the theme of a frat party, it’s the name of a real TV show that’s airing in February. The idea is very simple. Some people say the simplest answer is the right answer, but this show proves that wrong. Couples with problems (aka all couples) have sex in a box on TV then come out and talk to couples counselors about their problems. Here's the preview.



Supposedly we’re all at our most vulnerable post-sex, which maybe explains why we suddenly get the urge to leave a bro’s place instead of opting to pass out under a Bob Marley poster. 

Anyways, the preview is as dumb as the show sounds, maybe dumber. We actually cringe-gagged while watching it. It legit sounds like a fake show from a fake sitcom. 

We’re guessing the meeting in the network’s office went something like this… “How can we make a show that’s like porn but also okay to watch on cable?” “How about something that’s like porn but doesn’t have any of the stuff people watch porn for?” “What else do people hate watching?” “Couples fighting.” “Great, add that in too.”


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