Pretty Little Liars Recap: Spencer Interrupted

I literally can’t after last night’s episode. Those Zenon Girl of the 21st Century outfits. Spencer’s side effects to adderall that aren’t actual side effects to adderall. The ski lift that operates regardless of season. Toby’s coif. I swear I didn't blaze before the episode but I felt higher than Hanna’s BMI.

Can we discuss the fact that everyone is so quick to ignore Spencer when she tells Aria that her boyfriend is the murderous maniac around whom the show’s plot is entirely centered all because she took a couple of study aids and has issues napping? Like, how dare they sit there and judge her? Hanna your mom once stole a million dollars from a grandma, Emily you’re like dating 4 lesbians at a time, and Aria pretty sure you’re fucking a pedophile and you’re wearing a dress with dog bones on it. Get over yourselves. 

Instead of judging, maybe the Liars should be taking notes from Spencer. I mean, they have gained a lot of weight considering how often they do cardio running away from various assailants.


On Spencer’s gym shorts and flip flops outfit: “Did you have an accident?”

Why is the map of Asia printed in gold foil on your off the shoulder sweatshirt?


Since when does adderall affect your fashion sense, like she wouldn't look this drugged out. She’s rich, she can afford to prevent the side effects.

The return of Hanna's ice cream shirt. Oh costume designers, you’re being funny now?

Toby is like so creepy. Like you can’t show up to someone's high school with a free flowing haircut like that and say shit like “maybe we can watch a movie if you’re good and you finish all your lasagna.” Your next line might as well be, “then later I can lather you up with lotion and watch you play with dolls.”

Does anyone notice that Toby has been using lemon in the front part of his hair? Now he looks like a gay frog.

Toady: “I’d almost forgotten your smell.” After a week of consistent adderall intake, she should smell like coffee and cigs.

Mrs Hastings: Spencer are you still going to join us for dinner?
Spencer: No mom, I'm on fucking adderall, I don't eat dinner. GOD VERONICA YOU ARE SO STUPID

I would be in fucking hysterics also if my boyfriend bought me that fugly Scrabble necklace.



I can’t decide whose outfit is worse, Aria’s or Hanna’s. Like WHAT the fuck are you wearing? I’m sorry, these girls are dressed like background characters in a Tyler Perry movie.

I love that Hanna and Emily don’t want to tell Aria about Ezra because “they don’t want to drop a bomb like that right before she goes to class.” As if anyone on this show ever fucking goes to class and how do you weigh not being able to concentrate in class over finding out your boyfriend is a psycho killer? These morons.

“Tell her to get closer to the smushed fries. I want some. No, I don’t care that they were on the floor they’re fine.”

“Only Ali would think it’s sexy to make out inf font of a bunch of reptiles.” Pretty sure they stole this erotic zoo idea from The Sopranos


I can’t with this outfit. Is Aria a student at Rosewood high or an eliminated contestant on Project Fugway.

Ezra: Your friend is a ticking time bomb.
Aria: I can’t believe you really think she’s on drugs.
Ezra: I know she is because I’ve been following her and I stole her personal file and brought it to you because I’m obviously the most ethical teacher ever because I’m fucking my sixteen year old student.

Did the writers from this episode just get back from Iraq? They've mentioned bombs like 30 times.

Ezra: “Spencer is on amphetamines.” I know they probs can’t say adderall for legal purposes but like, no one fucking says amphetamines. I’m just annoyed. That’s all.

On Spencer’s adderall addiction: “She’s got everyone fooled” Omg LOSERS. She’s taking like ONE pill per day, not smoking a crack pipe under the football field bleachers.

I HAVE to say this again but why all the prints on screen? I have a migraine looking at the four of them around that fucking kitchen island. It looks like Peter Pilotto for Target just puked at Missoni and then the Liars rolled around in it for fun.

This old ass cabin would never have this intense of a security system. Didn’t Aria have like, a key last week? Also, I’m happy to see she thinks her boyfriend is such a loser that her first like 10 guesses for passwords were fucking authors.

If you’re breaking and entering, don't leave your shit all over the place, especially your keys. YOU IMBECILE.

Why do all of these girls keep their phones on loud? Mine is always on silent and nobody is trying to fucking kill me.

Yes Aria great idea get on the random fucking ski lift to nowhere.

Ezra: I was writing a true crime novel, I had to follow the story.
Aria: Do you understand that the world does not revolve around you and your do whatever it takes, ruin as many people's lives, so long as you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied along the way, just so long so you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied and dying along the way?

What is this, Love Actually? Who doesn’t make a fucking copy.

How did Aria and Ezra get off the chairlift? And like, why didn’t they just go and get the papers after?


So who showed up at the reptile museum / zoo? Also Hanna and Emily are idiots, that girl looked nothing like Spencer in a wig. Wouldn’t they have had a signal or something? What kind of apocalyptic alarm system is that?

“I was hoping you’d say that other word, the one that rhymes with glove” – Aria’s brother

Ok so now that Mona has found glove in a hopeless place she wants out of A? That so unsavanty of her.

Ugh, Toby and now Aria’s brother. All of the guys on this show suddenly have the hair style from cheap barber shop stock photos.


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