Pretty LIttle Liars Recap: The One With Hanna’s Food Shirt

This episode sucked more dick than Hanna's mom in college. It was all over the place, long drawn out conversations about irrelevant shit, creepy mask guy had way too much screen time as did that old ass doctor, and even A had less to say than Lamar Odom.

However, we did learn a lot about Melissa. Turns out she's not evil and was actually trying to protect her sister Spencer! Collective awwww, then collective vommit. Besides finding out that Melissa was scared of Wilden, totes killed Garrett, and is convinced Ali is alive, we also discover that she's actually a huge loser. You're like old and have a Penn degree, stop going to fucking high school halloween parties dressed as a clown, literally.


Hefty's dessert top and lollipop necklace. Feeling a little hungry, are we?

Detective: If I wore that to school as a little girl my parents would have had a heart attack …Why? Did they have diabetes?

Detective to Hanna: How many times did you speak to Wilden over the past year or so? The times he came to your school to talk to you about when you girls were arrested with that shovel, the times he came to see your mother, the times he walked in on you eating that huge bowl of pasta when you thought no one was looking.

Speaking of the detective, does she get her beauty tips from Rhea Perlman?

Is your mom really going to Austria with that Muffin Man” Good one Han Solo


With the injury, loss of scholarship, army dad, and potential child abuse lawsuit, I think that Emily would really benefit from a joint or twelve.

Em, we can find another dream” Another LOLer by Bruce


Ok like if I was on a stakeout I would probs wear my Hard Tails and a black hoodie, not dress like I'm going to the mall.

Ew does this guy like jerk off to these masks?


Alright no one cares about Toby and his mother and that conversation was way too long and it's fucking called HIPPA Doctor Palmer!

But really, why do all doctors on this show have British accents?

Melissa: That was Wilden, we had the same costume.
Spencer: You had the same outfit? That must've been awkward.

Seeing how fervently Melissa believes that Ali's alive you'd think she has a big leeessssbian crush on her ay ay ay ay

Is A really putting together the masks Melissa dumped into the rando Rosewood pond? She must have a discount at Michael's all these arts and crafts are really expensive


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