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“The company now has its hands in every form of media out there today, yet the founders remain the beating heart of the Betches brand, integral to each and every aspect of the massive, multipronged media company they now run.”


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“From the beginning, Betches published content catering to women ages 18 to 24 who are “edgy,” who speak their minds, and who are unapologetic about their beliefs and opinions…Their 2018 goal is to create as a hub for its media properties, including podcasts, video, e-commerce and more.”


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“Betches—”purveyors of the satirical, mean-girl humor that’s definitely made you LOL on Instagram—is turning into a ‘lifestyle brand’.”


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“The rise of Betches: Our audience is narcissistic – and self-aware” “The common denominator of all the Betches’s work could be summed up as smartass – the person at the party who always has something cutting to say. “

The Guardian

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An animated television series based on [Betches’] website and popular Instagram account is in the works at Comedy Central — and Emma Roberts is set to voice one of the characters.”

Hollywood Reporter

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Best Sellers List – #12 in Paperback Advice and Misc. “They also described, with excruciating accuracy, certain behaviors and idiosyncrasies of a type of young women and how they live…Betches Love This soon proved a female counterpart of sorts to the bro fraternity culture popularized by Tucker Max “

The New York Times

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“Lessons in Being a Betch” “The creators of Betches Love This tackle life’s difficult challenges (frenemies, boyfriends, hangovers) with a satirical guide about ‘how to win at basically everything.’”

The Huffington Post

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“The Betches x JustFab Collaboration Is Here To Help Bring Out The Betch In All Of Us” “The Betches creators go by the mantra of not taking yourself too seriously and feeling confident in who you are”


“The Joy of Being A Bitch Should Never Be Understated” “The ‘Betches Love This’ website and bestselling book — both popular with women ages 18-24 — are satisfying because they’re anthropologically detailed and because they spell out stuff people think but don’t always want to say out loud, just like a good shit-talking betch should.”

The Telegraph

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“Today, Betches is not just a millennial lifestyle website, but a full-fledged brand in its own right. It spans a popular Instagram account, an e-commerce store, two bestselling books, a newsletter, a podcast and a social media company that manages multiple accounts and runs influencer programs on behalf of brands.”

Business Insider

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“Regardless of experience, what Betches has been doing is clearly working. The company is still 100 percent owned by the three founders, but now touts 13 full-time employees, an office in the Flat Iron district in New York City, four ongoing podcasts, and two books under its belt with a third underway.”


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“The Betches Guide to Being a Functional Adult” “In case you haven’t noticed based on their internet domination, the Betches are extremely good at what they do.”

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