Everyone Is Roasting These Pics Of President Trump's Hair In The Wind

Sometimes we have to face the hard hitting fact that we are living in a time when the state of our president’s disastrous toupé is considered news. Sorry, but we all need a good spirit lift, especially on a Friday, and images of Trump’s busted wig do the trick. Buzzfeed was considerate enough to bless the internet with a compilation of photos of the president boarding Air Force One on a windy day. His “hair” was flip-flap-flopping all over the GD place, if you can believe. Here are some of the photos. You’re welcome to your love of shade throwing, and I’m sorry to your eyeballs

The Surf’s Up![/embed]

The Great Plateau[/embed]

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful![/embed]

Trump has money. That’s like, his whole thing. So why doesn’t he just buy a better wig? Why doesn’t he just embrace nature, go with god, and go bald? Why was he elected to be the leader of the free world? Am I living in a nightmare? Will I ever wake up? These are the Q’s that I have.

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Images: Twitter (3)

Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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