Presenting: The Very Bestest Comments On The Internet

Hey – how's your weekend going? Good, good. You may remember Palcohol, the powdered alcohol, when this site and countless others gave it a shit ton of (deserved) free publicity. Cosmo parody site Refinery29 got around to covering it Thursday (they were probably busy pondering which color lip gloss goes best with a pap smear), and the result is as intellectually barren as you'd expect. The best part, though, is the comments section:

Fuckin magnets – how do they work?


Chill the fuck out, Vani Hari.


Evelyne sounds like she has some unresolved issues, not the least of which being an IQ below 75.


Do you feel smarter now? I know I do. Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Don't drink too much green beer.


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