Prepare To Be Poor, You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Shit On Instagram

Let’s face it, Instagram is envy-bait for betches. You either are spurring a jealous rage in the hearts of others due to the amazing clothes, friends and parties that happen to appear in your posts or you are a bit of a jealous betch when you see awesome shit in your feed.

Now you can add poor to those jealous feelings you get when scrolling (Yes, I think poor can be an emotion).

Instagram is adding a feature to shop “in-app”, meaning you won’t be redirected to your phone’s browser when clicking a link. On the annoying side of this announcement is the fact that you’ll be seeing way fucking more ads in your feed.

Remember when you were like, “Why the fuck am I getting all these dumb Old Navy posts?”. Yeah, expect that to happen over and over and over again. Advertisers are going to target you probably based on your likes, location and who you follow.

Pintrest is kind of also doing the same thing. They’re set to unveil “Buy Pins” that come up on certain posts that will let you purchase what you see.  The pin button will be blue, letting you know it’s for sale, but I pretty much just see this as a way for weirdos to peddle their ridiculous Etsy goods, which is basically what Pintrest does already.


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