Are you like, dying, for our sunglasses, shot glasses, signed books? Or perhaps you prefer an exclusive invitation to our book launch party? We know…we don't blame you.

How to enter:

1. Pre-order our book, Nice is Just a Place in France (read excerpts here and here)… coming out March 12th! 

2. E-mail us a screenshot confirmation to

3. You are entered!

Click any of these to pre-order the book

   AMAZON         BARNES         iBOOKS          KINDLE          B-A-M       INDIEBOUND


How it works:

We are randomly choosing people every day to receive a gift box including the following items:

1. Pairs of purple and white Betches Love This Sunglasses …not available at the store.

2. Two of our shot gasses

3. A signed copy of our book (in addition to the one you pre-order) with a personalized note

4. And on Friday March 8th we're picking ONE PERSON to be INVITED TO OUR BOOK LAUNCH PARTY. FYI you will be the ONLY fan invited, and you will be able to bring two friends. So you'll be a pretty big deal.

Shit you probably want to ask us:

If I've already preordered a book am I automatically entered?


If I order the book today or tomorrow, does that make me eligible to win any of the give aways?

Yes def.

If I email the confirmation to any email address other than am I still eligible to win?

No, because you can't follow directions, and you are a moron.

What are my chances of winning?

I mean, does it really matter? You are already getting (according to our publisher and parents) the funniest book like, ever, out of this deal… so one of these give aways is just a cherry on your froyo sundae.

If I win, when will I get my stuff? 

If you win this week, we will send your stuff out on Friday March 8th. If you win next week (Saturday March 9th through Tuesday March 12th), we will send your stuff out on Friday March 15th. 

Do I have to enter every day?

No, once you enter you will stay entered for every day until you win. Then you are no longer entered. However, you are entered ONCE per book you buy, so if you buy 2 books, and win once, you are still entered for an additional book.

Where's the book party?

Manhattan. That's all we'll say.

I'm bored, are you putting up posts today? Get your shit together betches, where are the old betches!? Did an intern write this shit? What the fuck is wrong with you guys?


If you still have questions email us at with the subject “question about giveaway contest” (otherwise we will not respond).

Hope we see you at our book party!

The Betches


This Contest Has Expired, sorryyyyy


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