Pornhub Is Offering A Legit Scholarship, Ew

Yes, you read that correctly. Pornhub has announced they’re offering a $25,000 scholarship to students going to college for them to answer the question “How do you strive to make others happy?” It sounds like the beginning of an Inside Amy Schumer episode, but it’s very real. The thing is, this is a legit scholarship and they are discouraging pornographic submissions. But um, like when a girl says “I never do this!” before hooking up on a first date, nobody believes you, Pornhub.

We’re living in a world where brands are almost too self-aware, and it feels as embarrassing as your parents walking in with you to a school dance. Some millennial intern probably thought this would be the brilliant way to create a better name for Pornhub, except giving to students is like a drug dealer offering to do a motivational speech, we’re just not sure their heart’s in the right place.  I mean, couldn’t you donate to a senior home or clean up trash in the streets or something less predatory?  Look, they're not forcing anyone to apply, but they're definitely casting a wider net for their soon-to-be co-ed amateur pornstars.

We love free shit as much as anyone, but having a video of yourself on Pornhub, even if it is a fully clothed video resume of you talking about your hobbies is something a lot of seventeen year olds should think twice before consenting to. $25,000 is also small change for a porn site, we’re guessing. Shady.


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