Politibetch: Donald Trump Insults Obama’s Walk and Other Important Political News

The debate over affirmative action in college admissions

You know how the kid that gets into Harvard is always like, a 4.0 student who’s also a squash champion, the founder of 3 charities, and single handedly performs surgery on blind kids from Africa in his spare time? Yea, well, this has nothing to do with that…but does have to do with college admissions. That kid is just fucking annoying. There has been a lot debate recently over affirmative action in college admissions. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld a Michigan law that bans publically funded colleges from providing “preferential treatment” in admissions decisions to “any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” So, basically, if your little sister is trying to get into UMich by saying she’s part Navajo, that’s not going to do shit anymore. I mean, there’s obviously bigger ramifications for this decision, but since we’re trekking on “political debate territory” here, we’ll just leave it at that. Read article>>

Wait, so the plane isn’t lost now?

Remember how, like a month ago, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that missing Flight 370 landed in the Indian Ocean and basically declared the mystery to be good and solved? Well, now he’s being like, oops my B. The PM is now saying the Malaysian government is still not prepared to declare the plane and the 239 passengers aboard as “lost.” That said, there’s been like so much progress in this search effort, I’m sure they’ll turn up any day now! Sad an outcome as it may be, we have to admit this story is getting so old. Even CNN will be losing interest soon. Read article>>

Donald Trump thinks Obama walks like a pussy



On Tuesday, The Donald mocked Obama’s walk as he exits Air Force 1, saying it is “inelegant and unpresidential” and that the president was “hopping & bobbing” all the way. Donald also has criticized Obama for flying in a 747 on Earth Day. All of Trump’s remarks were made on Twitter, since that’s obviously, like, the most mature platform to insult someone on. Donald, I think I speak for the rest of America when I say I’d rather have a president with a “hopping” walk than one who sends passive aggressive tweets like a 7th grade girl. Read article>>


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