Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

By [email protected] | June 21, 2021

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To kick things off this week, Jordana and Nicole start with some exciting wedding updates! Nicole is getting closer and closer to her wedding day and this week she updates us on the status of her flower arrangements, her upcoming hair and make up trials, and even goes in to her experience with micro-blading and how it all works. Jordana then fills us in about her upcoming site visit to Mexico and working with a local wedding planner, her ongoing beauty regiment, and everything on her mind her upcoming bachelorette party. Then, they get into the email for the week, where a listener writes in about whether she should hire a wedding planner. She wants to be able to enjoy her wedding day without worrying about all the mini details, but is worried that a wedding planner might alter the vision for the wedding and offend her family who’s paying for the event. After that, Jordana and Nicole play a rapid fire round of Unpopular Opinions, covering issues like guest books, rehearsal dinners, after parties, welcome signs, and even cake cutting. To end the show, they play a round of Runaway Bride, going through a few scenarios and deciding whether they would stay at the alter or run for the hills!