Soft Black Woman

Soft Black Woman
Black women can do it all. But Dr. Akilah Cadet no longer has time for that. In this weekly podcast brought to you by the Betches Sup, Dr. Cadet unpacks trending news and what’s in the zeitgeist from a BIPOC perspective, inviting her smartest friends and amazing thinkers to discuss all things lifestyle + culture while sharing how they prioritize rest and joy in a world that constantly demands vigilance. Everyone is welcome to the “Soft Black Woman” club.

How to listen: Soft Black Woman will be published every Friday in the Betches Sup feed, which is also home to our biweekly Betches Sup podcast. All episodes of Dr. Akilah Cadet’s show will include “Soft Black Woman” in the title. Make sure to subscribe to the Betches Sup podcast so you never miss an episode of Soft Black Woman. You can also find episodes by searching for “Soft Black Woman” in your preferred podcast platform.

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Dr. Akilah Cadet
Dr. Akilah Cadet is the founder and CEO of Change Cadet, a consulting firm which aims to drive equity and belonging in the workplace. Akilah has 15+ years of experience working in various organizations, with both private and public sector companies. She literally has all the degrees, lives in Oakland, CA, has a rare heart condition, and is a proud Beyoncé advocate.