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Good Bodies
Welcome to Good Bodies, a “wellness” entertainment podcast where all bodies are good bodies. If you’re still reeling from the toxic diet culture of the early 2000s (justice for Jessica Simpson) and constantly quoting your therapist, then Emily Lubin and Lauren Hope Krass are here to help you laugh (so you don’t cry). Diets can’t sit with us anymore but there’s a place at the table for body neutrality, body positivity, intuitive eating, and hot takes about which non-dairy creamer pairs best with our sharp cheddar cheese omelettes. For more Good Bodies content and the most relatable shit on the internet, follow us on Instagram at @everythingsfine.

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

Skincare Routine Starts Tomorrow

On today’s episode of Good Bodies, Emily and Lauren have a charged conversation about an Indiana judge’s recent ruling that a taco is indeed a sandwich. Um… is everyone okay? Then, they close us out with a Self Care Share all about skincare. Turns out just taking off your makeup doesn’t quite qualify as a skincare routine but nobody told Lauren. Emily doles out some much needed advice about starting small and the importance of spf. Lauren shares her newfound love for French skincare products and advises to not overthink it, “Just buy some fancy sh*t, put it on your sink and goop it on your face sometimes.” Wise words.

Okay We See You Oprah. Now, Hear Us.

On today’s debut episode of Good Bodies, Emily and Lauren announce the new name of the podcast. See ya never, diets! Then, they review Oprah and Weight Watcher’s most recent special “Making The Shift” which was basically made as a response to the response of their original special on ABC “Shame, Blame And The Weight Loss Revolution” Did you get all that? This episode functions as a sequel to “Oprah-Zempic” which aired 3/31/24. Right off the bat, both Emily and Lauren share how different this special felt; it was much less of a glorified infomercial for glp1s and more of a conversation from multiple perspectives about the ways in which diet culture has harmed us. We’re giving credit where credit is due but also shining a light on the ways in which the special was lacking. Can a body size really be a disease? Why aren’t we talking about weight neutral care? What does making the shift actually mean? Sources:

Is Hair Dysmorphia A Thing?

On today’s episode of Diet Starts Tomorrow, Lauren provides Emily with an update on her gym journey while sharing an elaborate theory she has on the 3 phases of working out. How can we tell if we are actually working out for health and not to shrink ourselves? Then, they close on a Dear DST from a listener who is struggling to accept her thin, fine hair. Is it possible to be body neutral even if you hate how your hair looks in a certain photo?

The Hosts

Emily Lubin
Emily Lubin is a comedian and podcaster living in New York City. She is the co-host of Diet Starts Tomorrow by Betches Media, as well as the co-host of The Hot Mess Comedy Hour, and host of her own podcast, RIP Diets. Emily is extremely passionate about anti-diet nutrition, body neutrality, and the fat acceptance movement.
Lauren Hope Krass
Lauren Hope Krass is the co-host, producer and content manager for Diet Starts Tomorrow as well as a hilarious body positive stand up comedian who performs locally in nyc as well as nationwide. In her free time she can be found daydreaming about Spain, watching too many cat videos and of course eating cheese. Give her cheese.

Featured Guests

Mindy Kaling
Shay Mitchell
Katie Sturino


Love Lauren and Emily
“Obsessed with everything they have to say. They are the coolest, and I learn from them so much. Love listening to this every week!”
I Can't Wait For More
“Lauren and Emily make me feel like one of their girlfriends. The conversations never feel forced, and I love how they feed off of each other's energy.”
Like Being In The Room With Friends
“Emily and Lauren have great conversation, and are funny, thoughtful, and insightful. I love the attention to a variety of topics, especially those that pertain to women, body image, health, and relationships. Thanks for the great show!”